All You Need to Know about Shiplap

If you’re planning some home renovations for the near future, you may have come across the use of shiplap in transforming a room. It’s a very different type of wall siding. As you consider your options for shiplap wood in Sandy Springs, GA, find out all you need to know about this solution to wall renovations here.

What Is Shiplap?

It’s a type of wall paneling that is reminiscent in appearance to the horizontal planks used in building boats. That’s where the name comes from! This type of wall siding was used in older, more historic homes, often being discovered in them underneath a modern siding paneling that had been applied. The shiplap wall style is becoming a popular interior wall option of choice.

It Sets a Distinct Tone

Shiplap gives a distinct texture and appearance to your walls that conveys or is reminiscent of a ship’s paneling. The use of shiplap walls is a color and texture that you want to make sure fits appropriately with the desired look for your space. You’ll need to consider how a shiplap room will influence the tone of a space and how you can plan your color palette and other furniture textures around this.

Installation Can Be Complex

Painting a wall can seem less daunting in comparison to figuring out how to cover a wall with shiplap. If you aren’t familiar with the process, or are hesitant about how a shiplap wall can impact your wall permanently, these are good reasons to look for a professional to help you through the process. You want the result to be of high quality, and want it to add value to your home instead of diminishing it.

Keep these things in mind as you consider shiplap wood in Sandy Springs, GA, for your next indoor renovation. This water-reminiscent accent could be the perfect touch to your living space.

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