How Epoxy Flooring Is Trending

While epoxy coatings are not a new idea for garage floors, the newest applications and details are gaining lots of attention. Epoxy’s durability, protective qualities, and newly beautiful appearance make it an ideal treatment for floors in high-traffic areas, and newer application techniques make it a unique and lovely choice for any hard surface in your home. Read on to learn more about epoxy flooring in Sandy Springs, GA, and why you should choose it for your home.

About Epoxy

Epoxy resins are a class of polymers or polypeptides that are often used in floor coatings. They are used in homes, garages, industrial settings, and commercial settings due to their ability to protect your original flooring, provide anti-slip protection, create a beautiful and unique look for your floors, make clean up easy and simple, and numerous other benefits. Epoxy flooring and coatings are made of layers of these resins and hardeners. For it to truly be considered an epoxy floor, the thickness must exceed 2 millimeters. Thinner layers are simply considered coatings or treatments.

Garage Floors

Garage epoxy flooring in Sandy Springs, GA, is a popular choice due to the frequent spills, messes, and abuse that garage flooring often undergoes. These kinds of flooring can withstand just about anything you can throw at them, making them perfect for these high-traffic areas full of cars, equipment, tools, oil drips, various kinds of tires, stored items, projects, and more.

Newer, Trendy Options

In addition to purely functional epoxy flooring, newer application techniques have created a beautiful, fun, and unique trend in flooring. Paints and colors can be mixed with the clear, glossy epoxy coats to create different patterns, gradients, and even 3D looks for any part of your home. Beautiful paintings, shimmery patterns, marbled effects, and other unique designs that match or complement your home can be created beneath the clear top coat, creating a floating effect that is sure to steal the show.

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