Mistakes to Avoid During Plank Wall Installation

Do you have a simple space that you’re trying to transform, but you don’t want to do a crazy amount of work? Then it might be a good idea to consider installing a plank wall. Check out these mistakes to avoid while installing a plank wall, and consider why you should look for a professional for your designer plank walls in Sandy Springs, GA.

Measurement Madness

When determining the amount of plywood needed, follow the ceiling and wall edges—not the ceiling line itself. The ceiling or walls may be a little crooked, which can throw off your resulting measurements, and give you more work later. As a general rule, it’s important to know the materials that you’re going to need for your project, including installation tools, and have them prepared before you start.

Watch Out for Warping

When you choose plywood over more traditional, sturdier wood options, like driftwood, you are much more at risk of moisture causing warping in your wall’s planks. That warping can cause your wall to look deformed and lumpy, which throws off the chic modern design you may be going for.

Color Considerations

Are you wanting a multicolored, hodgepodge appearance for your plank walls, or are you content with one solid color? This is something you’ll want to consider if you’re installing the wall yourself. It’s much more difficult to paint the same wall multiple colors than it is to arrange planks that are already painted different colors. Keep this in mind as you prepare your installation. Also, consider the type of board you’re using, and whether painting it beforehand will cause it to warp in any way.

Plank walls are great, but designer plank walls in Sandy Springs, GA, are even better. If these tips sound overwhelming, then consider reaching out to a professional to get the job done just right.

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